Now we look at our business like a solid tree that grows between rocks.
It was started by our CEO, Balint I. Meszaros.

Balint realised he worked for places that didn't put enough effort in marketing, or simply just didn't adapt to the new digital world. Since he was always interested about advertising, he decided to go out and learn the essence of it.

He focused on what makes potential customers excited to buy. How to create raving fans with quick, but lasting results. Also how to give so much value that customers can't help but tell others about it—with genuine enthusiasm and excitement.

Our story

SocialAge Pioneers runs for a clear goal, but would you think we were born out of frustration?

Things started to change rapidly after he started to ask better questions like "how to bring more customers to any business?" 

On the way looking for the answers Balint came across digital marketing. He grew so much passion for it that he left his job, and started SocialAge Pioneers.

We are here because we understand businesses that need more customers, and might be surrounded with -even dozens of- competitors in the same time.

This is why we can help companies to bring more paying clients, connect with them, and turn them into raving fans.

Spending the last decade around catering helped his goal to make guests happy, and their memories outstanding!

For many years Balint worked as manager in hotels, bars and restaurants. These were huge companies, but he found incredibly frustrating when his place didn't make enough sales to meet the high targets. Surrounded by competitors made him even feel more powerless. Why?
-Because he couldn't grab people from the street and bring them inside his venue.

He knew something was missing, that something was wrong.